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Dear Patient:

After thirty-seven years in the Madison community, we have decided to retire as of January 24, 2023. Caring for you, our patients, has been the most rewarding part of our careers. We are honored to have many of you ask us to care for two, or even three, generations of your families.

We are excited to announce that Yale Medicine will be acquiring our practice and
continuing to provide exceptional care for our patients.


We know you likely have questions, so we’ve outlined some frequently asked questions

What happens to my existing appointment after January 24, 2023?
• Existing appointments after our retirement date are still in effect. You will be
receiving care from a Yale Medicine Clinician. If you have any further questions
about Yale Medicine, you may call 203-245-4242.

How do I schedule a new appointment after January 24, 2023?
• For patients who choose to transition and receive ongoing care from a Yale
Medicine Clinician, you can call the Yale Access Center (203-785-2020) to set up
an appointment. As of this notice, our office will not be scheduling new patient
appointments for after January 24.

What if I wish to transfer care to another Ophthalmologist?
• If you should decide to transfer your care to another Ophthalmology practice, our
office staff will be available to help you obtain copies of medical records once
written consent is received.

What happens to my medical records?
• All medical records will be transferred to Yale Medicine. Yale will maintain your
records on behalf of the practice. You will be able to access your medical records
by calling 203-245-4242.

We have very much enjoyed being your Ophthalmologists and wish you and your family
the very best of health and happiness.


Alan R. Ecker, M.D.
Patricia A. Ecker, M.D.

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